2018, GTFO

Goodbye, 2018.

January took forever, Black Panther came out in February, March had a Friday the 13th, April gave us a new album by A Perfect Circle and Infinity War, May was when my twins were born…

I’m realizing that 2018 was not as bad as I remember. I got a new job that is so much better than where I was. My mother-in-law got married. I drew a lot. I have health insurance for the first time since I was laid off over four years ago.

There are dumpster fires that need to be put out. There are mistakes that have been made. There are always areas for growth, for maturation, for synonyms.

Tomorrow is just another tomorrow. We get those every day. The end of a year is just an arbitrary delineation. But if it inspires you to do better and strive harder and believe bigger and live larger, then run with that.

Make tomorrow what you want it to be. Live deliberately. Do it on purpose.

Happy New Year, y’all.


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